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InfiniTech Surface Finishing (ISF) located in Wichita, Kansas, providing metal finishing and electroplating services intended for, or required by, ISF customers and their end users.

At Infinitech Surface Finishing we realize that service is the single most important element in building close relationships with customers. Since plating and finishing is the last step before assembly, lost time in the steps preceding finishing can lead to an assembly line shutdown. Infinitech's organization has been purposefully built to allow for responsiveness to our customer's emergencies. Decision-making responsibilities are delegated to anyone dealing with the customer.

Appearance is almost always critical since it's the one property anyone can check. Unfortunately, it is also subjective. Customers can have very different ideas about what constitutes quality, so Infinitech places a premium on communication. We work hard to educate our customers about finishing techniques. We strive to maintain the highest level of integrity in assuring that all finishes comply with customer's needs and industry standards.

Our customers are sophisticated and knowledgeable about their products, but few have the same level of expertise in metal finishing. A common part of our interaction with our customers deals with plating specifications and finish recommendations to improve the service life or appearance of their product. We can also assist in a part's design to minimize finishing and plating costs. We are available to our customers for any type of technical assistance on finishing processes and applications.

We welcome and respond to all requests about our finishing and plating services. We work particularly well with customers who manufacture or assemble metal parts in consistently high volumes, are strong on partnering with their vendors, and are successful and growing in their chosen market.

Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions. Even if we can't answer your specific concern, we will recommend someone who can.

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