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We offer a variety of surface finishes to extend the service life of your parts – or to add other characteristics you may need. Some of these finishes are Chemical Conversion, Copper Over Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Electrolytic Nickel, Electrolytic Nickel-Tin, Magni 560, Black Polyurethane E-Coat, Tin and Zinc. Additionally, we offer Supply Chain Management and other related treatments, such as Baking for Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief, Special Cleaning & Drying, Teflon Overcoatings, and Special Packaging. Below are descriptions to help ascertain the appropriate process for your parts. The metal substrates we work with regularly include steel, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, copper and brass, as well as aluminum, zinc and iron castings.

Chromate Conversion Coating (Chem Film) is applied over aluminum as a paint base or for some corrosion resistance at a lower cost than anodize. Thin, clear coatings are utilized where electrical conductivity is important; heavier, yellow coatings are specified for greater corrosion resistance. Major markets are electronics and instrumentation. Click here for technical specs.

Electrolytic Copper Over Nickel (Barrel Processed) produces a finish with high electrical conductivity, solderability and resistance to corrosion.  These characteristics make it an excellent choice for various applications in the automotive and high tech industries. 


Electroless Nickel is a higher cost engineering coating offering good appearance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, excellent hardness and wear resistance. It has the advantage of being uniform in thickness over the entire part. It also shields radio frequencies. Major markets include oil field, electronics, and some agricultural. Click here for technical specs.

Electrolytic Nickel is a specialty coating of moderate cost. It can be decorative, is good for high temperature applications and is an excellent finish for brass and copper. It can also be welded or brazed after finishing. Corrosion resistance is good on thicker applications. Click here for technical specs.

Electroless Nickel-Tin is a higher cost finish. It consists of tin applied over nickel for very specific RF/electrical conductivity applications. Click here for technical specs.

Tin has a very high electrical conductivity and is easily soldered. It also conducts radio frequency in instruments. It can be decorative or dull depending on the application. Corrosion resistance is good. The cost is moderate. Major industries include automotive, instrumentation, and electrical connectors.

Zinc is the workhorse of the commercial finishing industry. It is inexpensive, highly decorative, and reasonable in corrosion resistance. Bright and yellow trivalent or hexavalent chromate colors are available. Major industries include automotive, agricultural, hardware, lawn and garden, recreational and others. Click here for technical specs.

Example of Magni 560 Plating

Magni 560 combines an electroplated zinc and chromate underlayer with an aluminum-rich epoxy topcoat. The zinc layer provides sacrificial protection of the substrate and the topcoat creates a highly corrosion resistant barrier. A friction modifier provides low torque for fastener applications. The cost is about twice that of zinc. Click here for technical information .


Example of E-Coat

Black Polyurethane E-Coat is applied with an electrical current resulting in a very uniform coating, even on complex parts. The black finish is quite decorative and the finish is ideal for complex parts with close tolerances and threaded parts. Click here for technical technical information.

Supply Chain Management. We collaborate with other high quality suppliers to source your completed project. From your specifications to vendor qualification, to intermediate processes to delivery of the finished product, we work out all the time-consuming and confusing details. This allows you to work on other crucial and time-critical matters with assurance that your finishing needs will be professionally handled.

Other Services. Processes before surface finishing may include steel shot blasting, masking areas where finish is undesirable, or special cleaning. Operations after surface finishing include sealing, oiling, hydrogen embrittlement relief, Teflon overcoat, sorting and touch up. In most cases, the thickness of the finish can be varied to meet the needs of the customer.

*some items may require processing at another location.
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